Thomas J. Beener

Education and Experience

Attorney Thomas Beener earned his Bachelor of Arts in history at the University of Iowa. Following his passion for the law, he attended the Gonzaga University School of Law and earned his Juris Doctor in 1976. Throughout his almost four decades of legal experience, he has focused on corporate and business law, mergers, acquisitions, contracts and tax law. Attorney Thomas Beener worked as corporate counsel to various companies including  Western Medical, Onsite Energy, Sonic Jet, MediLite, iZone Corporation, Dr. Schwarz Medical Institute of California and Bella Verde Cosmeceuticals. He was also general counsel for Greenland Corporation and ExpertHR in San Diego. Attorney Thomas Beener is also the CEO and board member to public companies. He has experience in divestures, mergers, SEC reporting, strategic planning and complex corporate financing transactions.

Attorney Thomas Beener

Attorney Thomas Beener began his career in Iowa, serving as counsel to a trucking company that operated nationwide. He later moved to New York City, and began work at a law firm that specialized in corporate matters. Since the early days of his legal career, he has built on that experience working with a variety of different businesses. Today he resides in California, and is the proud parent of a grown child who works at AKQA in New York. He enjoys outdoor sports, such as swimming and golf, and even swam Alcatraz in 2014.

The Approach

As an attorney, Thomas Beener is a problem solver for both private and public companies. He has a tough, hard driving and consensus legal style. He is well versed in all areas of corporate legal matters and focuses on designated resolutions to solve problems. He uses his creative practical experience to solve number corporate issues. At the same time, he uses diplomacy to provide solutions which address the mutual interests of all stakeholder. It’s a win-win for all those with a vested interest. Attorney Thomas Beener uses his legal skills and business knowledge to help troubled companies with financial woes get on the path to growth and success.

A Stellar Reputation

Throughout his legal career, attorney Thomas Beener has cultivated a reputation of excellence. Among his peers, he is well known for his business savvy, in-depth knowledge of corporate law and integrity. Among his clients, he is valued for his creative solutions, client-centric approach and transparency. He’s the go-to attorney for advice and legal help on finances, taxes and complex business issues.

Currently, attorney Thomas Beener has his own law firm in  La Jolla, CA.  He is also  CEO and Chairman of the Board Get Real USA and fund administrator to Rosen Capital Partners L.P.  If you need assistance in obtaining capital, structuring a business transaction, merger, acquisition, regulatory matters or the IRS, turn to The Law Office of Thomas Beener. Let his skills and experience work for you. His track record of success speaks for itself.