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Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is a legal dispute between parties who seek specific performance or money damages instead of criminal sanctions. The lawyers at the Law Office of Thomas Beener practice civil litigation and represent parties at hearings, arbitration and in federal, state and local courts. They have experience in a broad range of civil litigation cases surrounding businesses.

The Civil Litigation Process: The Law Office of Thomas Beener

The civil litigation process entails several phases. It includes the investigative stage, submitting pleadings, discovery phase, pre-trial preparations, trial, settlement and filing for an appeal. Depending on the case, a lawsuit can several months to several years for resolution. The discovery phase is generally the longest in a civil litigation case. Attorneys on both sides of the table take interrogatories and depositions in order to attain the facts surrounding the case, assess their position and develop their strategy. During the civil litigation lifecycle, negotiations for settlement often take place. As a matter of fact, many civil litigation lawsuits are settled before reaching the trial phase. This is due to the fact that most insurance companies don’t want to risk the chance of a high jury verdict.

Business Issues Requiring Civil Litigation

At times, business disputes may not be able to be resolved through negotiations. The filing of a lawsuit may be needed. Common issues surrounding business civil litigation cases include business frauds, enforcement of contracts, collections, breach of contract, shareholder disputes and employee contract disputes.

The attorneys at the Law Office of Thomas Beener are skilled and experienced negotiators and litigators. This law office has a long track record of winning substantial award on behalf of its clients. Their goal is to seek justice on your behalf for your damages. Each case is meticulously prepared for trial.

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